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Full of amber goodness and versatile styling, these Steuben specs are elegant and feminine. Their rectangular shaping will flatter various face configurations, by softening their traits and adding warm resin hues. The translucent silhouette features shades...

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This unique Galena frame combines two feminine shades of red, offering elegance and boldness at the same time. The outer acetate layer rocks a stylish horn aspect with a textured finish that looks as authentic as you can get, while the lining features...

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This Hardwick pair of specs is for those ladies who are interested in fashionable, yet dependable eyewear, capable of easing their transition from office to leisure activities. The wayfarer shaping offers a classic silhouette complete with a keyhole bridge,...

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Let your femininity blossom with these nonchalant Pitkin specs! Featuring a delicate butterfly-shaped front in lush purple acetate, this pair will underline the brow line and frame its wearers' eyes in a truly flattering manner. On the sides, things take...

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The familiar pillowed rectangular shape of these Calhoun eyeglasses incorporates three distinct pigments, offering a contemporary take on this classic outline: a jet-black exterior layer is combined with a delicate green stratum that pervades the entire...

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Classy, yet fun and modern, this Belcher pair of wayfarers will totally make its wearers look chic and smart. Their rectangular shape is beyond popular, being emphasized with a contemporary glossy finish in black acetate; a neon-green middle layer spices...

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A true statement piece for the fashion aficionado, this Shinnston frame combines contemporary finishes with vintage riffs. Its strikingly elegant purple shade comes in a matte finish that offers subtle chicness, while the wayfarer-styled temples and key...

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The yummy raspberry-red pigment of these Ripley specs is highlighted by the powdered finish and translucent acetate, resulting into a feminine look that is also fresh and dynamic. The classic wayfarer shaping is balanced by modern metal arms and oversized...

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A stunning shape and sophisticated colorations characterize these chunky Britton specs. Everything from their enhanced brow line and squared end pieces to the hefty arms exudes refinement, being a piece with vintage flair and individual style. The front...

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Feast your eyes on this wicked pair of eyeglasses! They are as striking as they are functional with printed arms and a metallic sheen on the fa?šade. Double rivets on either side complete the look while the silicon nose pads give you that extra touch...

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